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The Kadam Rack is designed to improve the transport of your blowers saving you time, money, and repairs. No more bungee cords, no more blowers falling out of trucks, travel safely with product in your tank. Our Kadam rack can be fitted with an optional combination lock (Sold Separately). Our lock system will prevent anyone from stealing your backpack blower/sprayer. Kadam Rack will keep any damage from occurring to your sprayer since your sprayer will no longer be bouncing around in the back of your truck or trailer. The Kadam rack will also prevent any chemicals from draining out during transport.

Our patent-pending blower/sprayer Kadam Rack eliminates the problem of using flimsy bungee cords and other tie-downs. The Kadam Rack can be installed in under 15 minutes using just a drill, wrench, and a screwdriver.